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At Education Interactive we are passionate about engaging all students in science and encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects in later school years.

Our forensic science workshops have been loved by schools and students across Australia, the UK and Ireland. Our maiden workshop, A Case of Identity first toured Australia in 2005 and commenced touring the UK and Ireland in 2006. During the development of these programs, Education Interactive worked closely with the Centres for Forensic Science at UTS, Australia and University of Strathclyde, Scotland to ensure the scientific accuracy of the content.

We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from the schools we visit, here is an overview of what schools said about us in 2023:

– 70% of schools rebooked for this year.

– 100% of schools said they would recommend our programme to others.

– 97% overall Satisfaction Rating.



Richard Forrest (Founder & Managing Director)

BSc Biochemistry, Master of Science in Forensic Science

Richard completed his MSc in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. In 2004 Richard decided to design a forensic science program that would bring real world science into the classroom and from this idea, Education Interactive was born. He wanted to show students the real-world applications of the science they were learning in the classroom in an engaging manner. This idea has now grown into an international success with Education Interactive touring Australia, the UK, and Ireland.

Gabrielle Tiernan (Education Programs Manager)

BSc Microbiology

Gabrielle’s background is in Microbiology, completing a Bachelor of Science in 2020, and she has a colourful working background featuring time spent working in the funeral industry, within a pathology laboratory, and as an instrumental teacher.

She has a passion for science communication and education and hopes to develop students’ interest in science at a school level.

She believes that studying science develops some of the best tools for critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving, and hopes to share these strengths with students.

Mary Collins (Presenter)

Bachelor of Arts, Dip Ed. English & Drama

Mary is a professional Educator with over 30 years’ experience as a Teacher, Trainer & Facilitator in a variety of Educational sectors and is a passionate advocate for learning; she loves seeing young people thrive and develop new skills.

Prior to joining Education Interactive, Mary established her own Registered Training Organisation where she designed & delivered many customised training programs to meet specific needs of students of all ages and abilities.

Mary is motivated by her desire to inspire young minds to explore new ways of thinking, by injecting a great blend of thought-provoking educational (scientific) material with a serious dose of humour in all of her workshops.

Mufeeza Fazal (Presenter)

Bsc Forensic Science

Mufeeza has recently graduated from a Bachelor of Forensic Science. She loved her time working in labs and learning all the nitty-gritty aspects of forensics. Her past work in customer service has inspired her to take on teaching and share what she loves with the younger generations.

Millie Tarca (Presenter)

Bachelor of Forensic and Analytical Science (First Class Honours)

Millie is a forensic biology graduate who recently completed her studies in Adelaide. She has studied the latest forensic analysis techniques and has presented her novel research to her University peers. A background of teaching and presenting during her studies has allowed her to develop a passion for sharing knowledge about science with others. Millie loves to ignite wonder in students through her teaching, and always enjoys answering questions.

Hope Disher (Presenter)

Advanced Dip. Acting

Hope graduated from the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television in 2018. She has always been an avid lover of True Crime and her acting experience means she’s great at holding a crowd! What she loves about working with students is giving them the opportunity to put their classroom work into practice. She recognises the importance of showing students ways they can translate their existing skills to real life situations. We ‘Hope’ you will love working with Hope!

Kristy Scalora (Presenter)

Certificate of Applied Science (Laboratory Skills)

Kristy began working as a laboratory technician for the CSIRO 24 years ago. She has a keen interest in a broad range of science disciplines, ultimately becoming employed in a number of Ecological and Botanical fields, including managing an indigenous seed bank for 13 years, being a landcare facilitator, and delivering natural resource management training and workshops to schools and community groups.

Kristy is passionate to spark interest and instill an appreciation in students of how science can be observed and utilized in everyday life as well as leading to exciting career opportunities.

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