Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are your workshops?

    • Our incursions run for 60 – 90 minutes per session. We have included flexibility to suit your bell times.

  • How many sessions can I book per day?

    • We can run up to 4 sessions in the one day.

  • How many students can attend each session?

    • Our high school workshops and stage 1 workshops can cater up to 60 students.
      Our stage 2 and 3 workshops can cater up to 80 students.

  • What facilities do you require to run your workshop in?

    • Our science incursions are best suited to your hall, gym, or double classroom. Your students will be interacting with lots of different evidence stations set up around the room so there is no need for any chairs.

  • Can you set up outside?

    • We prefer to be in a gym, hall or double classroom but we know that’s not always possible. We have electrical equipment we bring with us, so we need an undercover area with access to electricity.

  • What year group can participate?

    • Our primary school science workshops are designed for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 depending on the workshop.
      Our high school science workshops are designed for Stage 4 and 5. We can expand our workshops for Stage 6 students as well.

  • Will it be messy?

    • Not at all! The workshops are mess and hassle free.

  • Do the workshops fit with the curriculum?

    • Yes. Our workshops have been designed to address ACARA’s key curriculum points as well as specific state curriculums.  You can download our curriculum relevance statements on our resources page.

  • We don’t teach forensics, so why would it be relevant for us?

    • We have found that all students love the mystery and glamour of solving crimes, even if they aren’t studying forensics.  Our workshops use forensics to build a story and show the relevance of science in the real world. The curriculum points covered in our workshops are not forensic specific.

  • Who would present the workshop at our school?

    • Our charismatic presenters have varied backgrounds based in forensics, the police force, science and education.

  • Does my school need to provide anything?

    • We will bring all of the equipment, however we would just need a room set up with trestle tables (or equivalent) for our evidence stations, access to power and printing of the student worksheets.

  • How do you differ from other incursions?

    • Our workshops are very hands-on and not just a show. The students get involved and need to solve the crime themselves. We weave science and social issues into a realistic storyline, so the students aren’t just doing a science workshop!

  • Do the students need any prior forensic knowledge?

    • No, our workshops are designed so that students can complete them without any previous forensic science knowledge. We also explain the scientific techniques, so students are exposed to new scientific concepts throughout.

  • Do your presenters have Working With Children Checks?

    • Yes, all of our presenters have the appropriate cleared checks for each state they work in. We are also happy to provide your school with any other details you may need.

  • We are a small school; can we combine with another school?

    • Sure! We’re more than happy for schools to combine and hold the workshop at one of the schools.

  • Do you offer these workshops to other groups (non-school groups)?

    • Yes, we run our workshops for libraries, holiday groups, homeschoolers, etc. Please contact us if you are interested!

  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    • We take bookings 6-18 months in advance. We’re happy for you to book at any time, however dates are subject to availability.

  • Do you have insurance?

    • Yes, we have public liability insurance to the value of $20 million dollars.

  • What will the students need on the day?

    • The students will only need their printed worksheet and a pen or pencil. Clipboards can be useful but they are not required.

  • Any other questions?

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