STEAM Activity for Primary School Students – Footprint Casting

Use our footprint casting activities to take STEAM outdoors

Get your students outdoors using this STEAM activity. Learn how to make quick and easy casts of footprints with the help of this resource kit. You can use this activity as part of a larger lesson plan to investigate a mock crime at your school, or to make casts of all the students footprints for a fun take-home craft activity.

You can also compare how force changes their print by making some students “stomp” to create their footprint and others simply walk to create the print, make some students run and others skip. Inspect how the distribution of forces changes how the cast looks.

Footprints are known as impression evidence in Forensics, which can also include tyre treads or marks left by tools. Impressions are left when two objects contact each other with enough force so that the physical marks of one object are left on the other. These are very common types of evidence found at crime scenes but can also vary widely.