The Scientific Method: Fair Tests

Stolen Computers from Casper Secondary College

The unit: ‘Stolen Computers from Casper Secondary College’ is a series of coherent learning experiences that involve students in scientific investigation and problem solving. Students explore links between evidence and potential suspects using the same processes that senior scientists use to gain a better understanding of phenomena in our world.

Students act as scientists working for Casper Forensic Laboratory. Students meet the crime, the potential suspects, and their role, through a contextual outline, letter from the police, and witness statements. Literacy worksheets model and teach students how to write scientific questions and explanations.

Students assess the relevance of evidence through investigations that employ concepts from a variety of scientific disciplines. Students identify patterns in data and observations and use these as evidence that supports or challenges what is already known about the crime. Each investigation asks students to prepare explanations that are directly linked to evidence. Students update their Evidence Summary at the conclusion of each investigation and use the Evidence Summary to report on their findings at the end of the unit.