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Secondary School Workshops

Our Forensic Science Workshops bring classroom science to life and enhance the learning experience by allowing High School students to take on the role of the Forensic Scientist and solve real life crimes

A Case of Identity

This case explores the importance of cyber safety with social networks, the dangers of drink spiking and the consequences of taking risks. Who did Sally meet at the beach and how did she die?

A 17 year old school girl is found lying dead on the ground in a disused military bunker. The girl's parents reported her missing four days prior when she failed to return home from school. There are signs of a struggle and a substantial wound to the head appears to be the cause of death. Students will examine the crime scene and analyse the evidence including entomology, trace evidence, fingerprints, toxicology and much more.

A Case of Conspiracy

This case highlights how the lure of drugs and easy money can lead to a web of deceit and betrayal. A young man is accused of the crime and all the evidence points to his guilt, but is he really the murderer?

An 18 year old boy is arrested for a murder which he claims to know nothing about. The murdered man was shot three times and found next to a burnt out car in bushland. A gun, drugs and a stash of money were found at the home of the accused. Students will examine the crime scene and analyse the evidence including arson, autopsy, DNA and ballistics. On top of the science this case also deals with drug awareness and the impacts of hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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