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Primary School Workshops

Our Forensic Science workshops bring classroom science to life and enhance the learning experience by allowing students to take on the role of the Forensic Scientist and solve real life crimes

A Case of Discovery

The gold is gone! The jewels are too! Three sneaky thieves have made off with the loot! But when they are arrested it is nowhere to be found. What on earth happened to the stolen goods!?

An Auction House Robbery seems to have gone well for a gang of thieves who have made off with rare coins, gold, and jewellery. When the security guard from the scene is attacked on his boat however the police need the help of the Forensic Scientists to track down the suspects and recover the missing items. Students will examine the crime scene, take their own fingerprints, create coin impressions, build a DNA model, crack a safe code and much more during this investigation.

A Case of Emergency

A 12 year old student is missing! Did they run away from home to join the circus, were they kidnapped, or has something else happened to them!?

The circus is in town but after the show one child does not return home and the Forensics team is called in to track him down. Was he kidnapped or did he run away? Students will examine the crime scene, learn about animal tracks, scatology, take their own fingerprints, use a digital microscope, uncover hidden clues and much more during this investigation.

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