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Education Interactive provides fun educational forensic science workshops that create inspiring and memorable experiences for both students and teachers

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Redlands College (QLD - 02Aug2017)

"Overall the presentation was of a very high standard. It was fun and interesting, but the science also was appropriately challenging for the students." Teacher feedback form

Case of Identity Featured on Local News

Loreto College Coleraine - UK

β€œThe workshop allowed the pupils to see (and use) real applications of science. Such activities challenge the pupils in a number of other ways – working effectively with others in small groups – listening and observing carefully to build all the evidence, and so on.” Facebook post - Friends of Loreto on 3rd Oct 2017

Daylesford College, Victoria

"The kids loved it! Obviously CSI has put this science on the map and it has a certain "glamour rating" with them, but the content was great and everyone came out of the sessions talking about how they solved the crime."

Yale Primary School, Western Australia

"It just all went so well."

"Phobe was so enthusiastic and obviously loved her work. The children were in her thrall LOL and some of our children are tough customers! Well organised, presented and even gave me some more clues on how to use our two digital microscopes!! Thanks!"

Dalyellup Primary School, Western Australia

"Students loved this workshop! It was highly motivating and enjoyable. I wouldn't change anything - we loved it!"

"The presenter did a great job, professional, well informed, engaged the students and ran the session I attended beautifully."

Mount Carmel Catholic High School, New South Wales

"Alissa was brilliant. She was firm with the students, and the students remained engaged the entire time. Alissa was also able to adapt the show to fit into our time requirements which was also excellent."

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, Western Australia

"This is a really fabulous incursion - so different from any other science incursion I have seen. The students loved the story line and we're engaged throughout the whole activity. Loved it!"

Xavier College Kostka Hall, Victoria

"Fantastic. A really great introduction to scientific thinking and the roles taken in an investigation. I'm really happy with the program"

O Connor Primary School, Western Australia

"Obviously Phoebe has done this many times. Her delivery was excellent and children totally engaged. Thank you!!"

"All staff and students were totally engaged and enjoyed the presentation. Thank you for making the science come to life."

Nicolson Avenue Primary School

"Our students really bought into Ben being a forensic scientist and using these techniques to solve crimes. They were very actively engaged while he spoke, during the time to find all the clues and at the end when Ben explained how the crime was solved. All our upper primary students and the students from our special options class (3-7) were equally engaged in solving the crime."

Mount St Benedict, New South Wales

"Presenter was superb and had the girls captivated and motivated."

Holy Cross Primary School, Queensland

"This workshop had the children fully engaged and on task. The theme initiated discussion, listening skills and cooperative behaviours within the teams. Although it got noisy at times, the children were totally immersed in meeting the given objective. After the workshop, students kept up their praise of having been involved in such a fun, thought-provoking experience. One student, who is a hesitant learner, proclaimed that this was her favourite school experience so far! "

Oak Flats High School, New South Wales

"An outstanding presentation - the best I have witnessed in a long time. The presenter was great, the kids engaged - couldn't be better."

Lithgow Public, New South Wales

"Another wonderful and very hands-on presentation that the kids really enjoyed and responded to very well. They love that they're handling and using actual forensic equipment and are being shown techniques used in real-life forensic cases. That sort of relevance is really important to kids. The staff and students alike were thrilled with the presentation and its content."

Mount St Benedict, New South Wales

"The scenario was relevant and the level of challenge just right.
Presenter was superb and had the girls captivated and motivated."

John Paul College, Victoria

"This presentation was well received by the students who all thought it was very interesting. If it works leave well alone!!!!!"

Belgian Gardens State, Queensland

"Phoebe was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable presenter who engaged students from all year levels. She was organised and happy to provide an additional after school activity for the Prep to Year 2 students. All sessions were delivered to a high standard. Obviously the students loved the hands on part of the show the most but Phoebe was still able to hold the students attention and develop their interest through the build up (setting the scene) and what had to be done at each station."

Mater Dei, New South Wales

"A fantastic show. Students really enjoyed it. Alissa did a great job."

Mount Carmel Catholic High School, New South Wales

"Alissa was brilliant. She was firm with the students, and the students remained engaged the entire time. Alissa was also able to adapt the show to fit into our time requirements which was also excellent."

Naracoorte Herald

A double day in Naracoorte School! View the Herald article here

Mater Maria Catholic College, New South Wales

"We insert this workshop into a pastoral day which also engages the students in two other sessions. We did our own feedback process from our students. The OVERWHELMING preference was for the Forensic Science - A Case of Identity.
Well done TESSA and well done Education Interactive."

Trinity Bay State High School, New South Wales

"Phoebe was outstanding in every way. It was an excellent, informative and exciting workshop. The kids loved it. Thanks :)"

Billabong High School, New South Wales

"Students really enjoyed linking details together to get the overall picture. They had a real sense of achievement when they figured out the sequence of events. Many aspects of the science course, and problem solving skills, were utilised. Students were still asking questions about the workshop days later."

Mater Dei, New South Wales

"A fantastic show. Students really enjoyed it. Alissa did a great job."

Narangba State School, Queensland

"All teachers reported that the students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and that it was Phoebe who made it come to life. She was great with the students and made the experience entertaining and informative. The activities were engaging and the students were excited about what they were learning."

"I just wanted to say briefly that the forensic incursion (A Case of Discovery) that my class attended last week was fantastic. The presenter was organised and engaged the students. My students loved it! It was great to see so many interested in science and the hands on activities were perfect for their age group"

Mercedes College, South Australia

"No real suggestions for improvement. It is very well set up and presented. The case has an excellent underlying message on safety which the students pick up on. Presenter (Alissa) was first rate with excellent use of voice and the ability to maintain students focus."

Quinns Baptist College, Western Australia

"I think that the way it is presented is perfect!

We loved Paula! She has a wonderful sense of humour, engaged the students from the very first sentence in the way she handled the presentation and got them involved. Setting the scene and naming suspects from the audience in the process at the beginning really got them hooked, and we have had great feedback from the students."

Hurstville South Public, Victoria

"Everyone loved it!"
Education Interactive provides educational science workshops based on Forensics to High Schools and Primary Schools across Australia, the UK & Ireland. Our incursions aim to encourage a love of and curiosity in science amongst students and show them how science plays an important role in the world outside the classroom. Our travelling presenters bring a real-to-life crime scene investigation to the schools, set up a series of forensic evidence experiments and lead the students through the case while they learn how chemistry, physics and biology can help to solve crimes.
As well as our incursions we also provide online teaching resources to help schools run their own experiments and make progress to objectives on the Australian National Curriculum. Our team is small but effective, with five agents in the office taking bookings and fielding question and our five enthusiastic presenters out on the road bringing the science fun to schools across all three countries. Our Forensic Science workshops bring classroom science to life and enhance the learning experience by allowing students to take on the role of the Forensic Scientist and solve real life crimes
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